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Caravelle Tours will be happy to assist you in arranging your trip to Europe.

Please contact us directly. We will make sure to develop an itinerary with you that reflects your wishes and needs.

You’re welcome to explore:

  • France

    If you are thinking about taking a trip to France, you should go for it!

    France, well known for its rich architecture, art, and fine dining belongs to one of the most visited countries in Europe!

    Imagine visiting the Eiffel Tower, having a sweet croissant and a café-au-lait in one of the charming cafés in Paris, taking in the beauty of Provence where Van Gogh created some of his most beautiful works of art, or exploring the beautiful castles and cathedrals of Normandy.

    You could also try talking a nice walk through the streets of Bordeaux, or enjoy a trip on a luxurious yacht among the rich and famous in the Cote d’Azur.

    The possibilities are unlimited and Caravelle Tours will be happy to make your dreams of a French vacation come true.

  • Spain

    Whether you are looking for an adventure, following your faith, or satisfy your interest in history and art, Spain will make sure your expectations are exceeded.

    The numerous facets of Spain will leave you speechless! Enjoy a skiing vacation in the Spanish mountains, practice your water sport skills at the beautiful beaches of Andalusia, trace back the Spanish history in Madrid or Barcelona, or follow the way of St. James in the holy city of Santiago.

    Learn to dance the Flamenco, or simply enjoy a nice dinner with Paella. The beautiful traditions, delicious tapas, and unforgettable festivals will make you fall in love with Spain, never wanting to leave!

  • United Kingdom & Ireland

    The United Kingdom (England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland) is one of the world's most popular tourist destinations.

    It will offer you an insight into the past as history will be following you wherever you travel.

    Visit some of the best museums in the world, enjoy the lush countryside which its scenic landscapes, or explore the picturesque villages which make the United Kingdom so attractive.

    If you are looking for some peace and quiet you will enjoy the lovely remoteness of Northern Ireland as it tends to be less touristy than England or Scotland.

    However, you will never be lonely as the next pub is around the corner and the jolly Irish will be happy to introduce you to their great beer.

    If you are looking for a cosmopolitan city, your destination should be London. Spend the day shopping at the famous Harrods, and relax at the sight of the beautifully illuminated Big Ben during a ride on the Eye of London at night.

    Discover the United Kingdom and Ireland – you will return with unforgettable memories!

  • Greece

    If you dream of breathtaking landscapes, aquamarine coastline, history-filled ancient ruins and delicious cuisine, then Greece should be your next trip.

    In Greece you can walk among spectacular ruins and gently crumbling temples, enjoy delicious tzatziki and grilled souvlaki while admiring a marvelous sunset, sunbathe on the superb white-sand beaches and scuba dive in deep blue water.

    You will fall in love with Greece’s history and traditions, with its white houses and awe-inspiring nature.

    We at Caravelle Tours commit to making your dream trip to Greece come true!

  • Switzerland

    Whether you are a winter sports enthusiast or enjoy slick, stylish cities, Switzerland offers countless outdoor adventures and modern urban breaks.

    Ski, hike or mountain bike in famous ski resorts like Zermatt and the popular St Moritz.

    Sightsee and shop in Berne, explore the prestigious museums of Zurich, or relish the sleek and upscale lifestyle in Geneva.

    Caravelle Tours would be pleased to organize your next trip to Switzerland.

    We promise you will be conquered by the pungent cheese, tasty chocolate and breath-taking scenery.