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Dear Traveler & Dear Travel Agent,

It is our pleasure to welcome you to our Caravelle Tours world. For over 35 years we have been providing our guests with unforgettable European vacations. Our highly experienced team of travel professionals is dedicated to meeting the travel needs of clients. Founded in Rome by a sister and brother team, Paola and Nino Veneri, Caravelle Tours offers the experience of extensive travel within and beyond Italy. Just as the most famous Italian explorer, Christopher Columbus with his “Caravelle” navigated his way from Spain to the America’s, we too have navigated our way through Italy’s peninsula seeking out only the highest quality of service from our vendors.

We thank you for taking the time to learn more about Caravelle Tours. We hope that you enjoy our website… let it inspire you!


It is our sincere pledge to demonstrate a personal understanding of the needs of both the INDIVIDUAL and GROUP travelers. We will help you craft a travel itinerary that reflects your idea of the perfect vacation in Europe.


Caravelle Tours is always at your side. While in Italy, our bilingual staff will provide all the assistance you may require. All you need to do is call us at our centrally located Rome office, or should there be any need, on our special Caravelle Tours emergency line.


A vacation is for your pleasure and Caravelle Tours is happy to offer you the most pleasurable of trips. Our high quality of service and price alleviates any misinformation that may occur, especially when booking via the Internet. Caravelle Tours offers human contact, at home or abroad, while enabling you to research some more information about our services on our website.


Joan: "We had a great time on our tour with Caravelle Tours. We started and ended the week feeling great about our adventure. It met our expectations and more."

Susan: "Thank you for making our tour just wonderful. I cannot imagine the planning that takes part on your end. I had a wonderful trip and formed lasting memories."

Becky: "I absolutely had a wonderful time. The tour was more than I ever expected. Truly a dream vacation. Thank you for all of your hard work to put together such a great tour. Can't say enough. Memories for a lifetime. Thank You."

Sue: "The tour was perfect and I couldn't think of anything to make it better. I especially appreciated how intelligent and well prepared all of our guides were, and loved their enthusiasm and how much they loved sharing their country and heritage with us. I have hundreds of wonderful pictures and even more memories. I look forward to another opportunity to travel with Monica or Christina and explore more of your amazing countryside and rich history."

Barbara: "I was quite impressed with your operation. Things came together, apparently seamlessly. Perhaps there were frantic times behind the scenes, but I didn't observe any of that. I would definitely consider another tour arranged by your group. We encountered so many nice and helpful people along the way, and the itinerary was quite inclusive."